Водоемы и фонтаны

You can create a quiet corner of harmony and relaxation on the site near the house with the help of a decorative pond. Having made a pond in the garden, you can admire the calmness of the water and the beauty of the plants.

An interesting option is the construction of a reservoir on an individual project. To do this, we suggest using a waterproofing film (butyl rubber).

Rubber Pond Waterproof Film (EPDM) made of high quality synthetic rubber is the most reliable and durable material. The combination of elasticity and strength makes it the only material that can be installed all year round, even at low temperatures.

The service life of the film is more than 50 years.

Material Features:

  • Long service life
  • UV resistance
  • Frost resistance -50 +120С
  • Ozone resistant
  • Environmentally safe for aquatic plants and fish.

In order for the reservoir to please you with its beauty for years, the specialists of Ural-Prom-komplekt LLC will select for you the necessary equipment for creating a fountain, a stream, as well as a filtration system , it will make the water transparent and maintain the ecological balance in the pond.

Various lamps will help to enhance the impression of the reservoir. The backlight can be made for both the pond and the fountain. The light reflected in the water will give the garden a special charm.

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