Автоматический полив

The automatic lawn irrigation system is a technical complex that is independently able to provide uniform and regular watering of a certain area of ​​​​your site, while you can enjoy outdoor recreation. The system can be configured so that plants and lawns are watered according to a given schedule, in an optimal and accurate amount, without your participation.

Sprinklers, nozzles, sprinklers and drip sprinklers are used for watering plants. They will make your garden blooming and bright. Sprinklers are installed in certain places of the site flush with the ground, and rise only for the time of watering, so they do not interfere with games on the green lawn and lawn mowing.

Automatic watering can be installed both on the lawn and in the greenhouse. This solution will help you save time and maintain the right moisture level for your plants.

Our experts will install an automatic irrigation system on your site in the shortest possible time. Leave a request in the form below and find out the price for your object.

Irrigation FITT Hoses GF Sprinkler
Irrigation Design

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